Sunday, June 10, 2018

Goat cheese and stuff, and oh, I’m in Prague!

View from our apartment balcony which is fairly awesome

Should I clean it?
Day One in Prague! I slept until 1 pm!

You guys, instead of being awake and doing things and practicing Czech, I was in a very realistic dream in China where an older married couple were offended by the art I gave them—a very nice painting—and they kept trying to clean it. And they were sort of trying to be polite about it but had disgusted looks on their faces. And then there was an American guy there who married some lady, then they started fighting, then they were hanging out with the other couple, and someone was going to die. And I kept thinking that I needed to get out of there, but instead I was trying help everybody. So, so stupid Amy, stop trying to fix All The Problems.

My subconscious is the weirdest. I would hate to be a tourist in all that shit right there.

Then I woke up, and it was the effin’ afternoon, and my indefatigable friend Jill had already bought me a double macchiato (the real kind not the Starbucks kind) and it was cooled down and I cared not at all. It was the best.

So we went out to walk to Peace Square (exactly none of the locals call it Peace Square) and we ended up sitting at a very pleasant pub eating excellent salad. Jill had beer, I had cider. We were here because we had walked in exactly the wrong direction. Instead of Peace Square, we had almost reached The River. Not even the part with the big cool bridge.

—Bonus Cheese Interlude—

You. Guys. Can we talk about baked cheese?

I read in Rick Steve’s Czech travel guide (an excellent travel guide btw) that fried cheese is common here. I imagine breaded-ass fried mozzarella-type stick thingies that crunch and make those allergic to gluten quite ill. 

Anyway, I ordered a salad with goat cheese. Baked goat cheese. It was the most tastiest, mildest, yummy cheese ever. 

(Jen, I know you’re reading this. Yes, I did need that much goat cheese.)

—End Bonus Cheese Interlude—

And it poured rain while we ate. Jill practiced some Czech (mostly děcuji, meaning thank you, but also na zdravi, meaning cheers, which is one of the first things I learned, because booze). And I helped her learn because I have to fix All The Problems.

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