Monday, July 20, 2015

Please Don't Be Ghostwritten

Photo via Billboard via Hollywood Reporter
The multitalented Shonda Rhimes has written a memoir, Year Of Yes, slated to be released this fall. It's apparently about her decision to "say yes" for a year to any surprises that came her way, and what happened when she did:

From Variety:
In December 2013, the “Gray’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” creator, who was also a self-proclaimed introvert, was challenged to say “yes” to anything unexpected for an entire year. Rhimes’ book is a result of her transformative journey into agreement.
 So, could be fun! Interesting! Maybe inspirational! If I'm feeling cynical, I think it could be yet another ghostwritten consumer-driven celebrity "memoir" designed to enhance their "brand" and make lots of money. If it's some kind of self-help book, I will surely rip my hair out.

But, hey, I'm interested.

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