Friday, July 17, 2015

Workshop Weariness

Just finished a memoir workshop at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown with the writer Patrizia Chen. I hadn't counted on the burnout factor--that doing an MFA would take so much workshopping bandwidth out of me. I did fine while I was there, being myself, as another student said, "intense." I suppose I am. I'm passionate about writing, passionate about text itself, about reading it, analyzing it, making it work, finding meaning. I love it all. Words. Language. The art of making books.

But I did struggle a bit during the off-hours with fatigue. I needed a nap almost every day. My brain felt drained. I didn't sleep very well. I never once went to the water, a first for me in all of the times I've been to Provincetown.

It was worth it, though. If you ever have a chance to work with Patrizia, take it. She's a generous, intelligent instructor and just a great person.

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