Thursday, July 30, 2015

Calls for Nonfiction Submissions

Here are the recent calls for nonfiction submissions filtered through New Pages. Check out their excellent site for calls in other genres.

Remember to read some of the work in each publication that interests you. Send the pieces you've worked so hard on to the places where you think they'll be a good fit. Read the submission guidelines very carefully and follow them to the letter.

Latest calls for nonfiction:

Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine

"Nonfiction: needs book excerpts, personal essays, experimental, memoir, humor. Does not want anything overtly religious, pornographic, or sentimental. Length: 5,000 words."

4ink7 (New)

"4ink7 seeks well-crafted (very well-crafted) and imaginative literary works. There is no genre that is out of bounds as long as it is excellent writing."

Apple Valley Review

Accepts essays. "We prefer work that has both mainstream and literary appeal.  In other
words, please send us work that is both accessible and finely written." Note: does not accept simultaneous submissions.

Urban Farmhouse

Looking for essays on the craft of writing. "Urban Farmhouse Press is seeking essays on the craft of writing for their upcoming Ford City Writer’s Craft Anthology. Specific focus on fiction, poetry, and science fiction wanted. Essays should be a minimum 2000 words and maximum 9500 words, adhere to MLA formatting, and being single or co-authored."

Body Verses

"We are especially drawn to pieces that consider the way we emotionally and conceptually navigate illness, the way we make sense of medical records in the context of our lives, and the way we cope with pain and aging."

Qu: a literary magazine

Accepts essays. "Payment Upon Publication: $100 per prose piece, $50 per poem. Prose submissions (fiction, essays, script excerpts) should be a maximum of 8000 words. Poetry submissions may include up to 3 poems."

Empty Sink Publishing (a magazine for intellectual deviants)

"Empty Sink Publishing is looking for professional-quality prose, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and visual media submissions that stretch the mind, defy convention, and offer a new perspective on life. We reciprocate by providing our contributors with the very best social media and guerrilla-marketing support a small publication can provide.: Note: does not accept simultaneous submissions. They don't have any nonfiction on their site right now, but do encourage submissions in this genre.


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